Pratap and Grand Daughter Aurora (The Real Boss).

7NT was formed in 2008 by Pratap Rajadhyaksha, PE, a 40-year veteran of the engineering/construction industry. After graduating from MIT, Pratap spent the first 30 years of his professional career helping to build one of the largest privately held engineering firms in the Midwest. Upon leaving the firm, Pratap formed 7NT in order to practice his specialty, water/wastewater engineering, particularly as related to the control of combined sewer overflows (CSO).

7NT has 48 professional and technical staff members specializing in complex drilling, laboratory services, geotechnical engineering, water/wastewater engineering, environmental services, surveying, construction management/inspection and materials testing.  Due to the highly specialized nature of our services, 7NT personnel are invited to work on complex projects nationwide.

Our Business Philosophy is very simple:

We strive to deliver Integrity, Reliability and Performance to every Client on every job.

Integrity – When we enter into an agreement with a Client, we deliver what we commit to deliver, when we commit to deliver it. Our word is our bond.

Reliability – Clients understand we will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Clients do not have to ‘manage’ us to deliver our work on time and under budget and with the highest quality.

Performance – We think constantly on our Clients’ behalf. If there is a better way to deliver the project, we will explore all avenues to do so. Our job is to make our Clients’ lives easier.

FAQWhat is 7NT?

7NT is the symbol for Seven Notrumps, the highest contract in the game of Bridge. Proper execution of this contract requires great care and precision. Pratap, a World Champion Bridge player, feels that the 7NT symbol reflects the care and precision with which he has always delivered services to his clients.