Fall Creek/White River Tunnel Storage Project, Phase 2 Design, Indianapolis, IN

Project Value: $350 million.  Reference: Donnie Ginn, Black & Veatch (317) 570-8331.


7NT personnel worked on the Advanced Facilities Plan Phase of the Fall Creek/White River Tunnel Storage Project (FCWRTS). For this project, 7NT personnel performed the drilling work for the Phase 2 Design that included drilling along the tunnel alignment in addition to shaft, drop structure, and pump station locations.

Phase 2 Design Stage included the following:

  • 83 borings were completed for the project ranging from 50 feet to 320 feet in depth.
  • 47 geotechnical borings were part of the scope that ranged from 110 feet to 320 feet in depth with overburden ranging from 70 feet to 110 feet
  • Environmental and continuous sampling was performed in 8 of the borings
  • 28 groundwater monitoring wells were set ranging from 50 feet to 320 feet in depth
  • Overburden drilling included dealing predominantly with heaving sands while performing standard penetration testing, split spoon sampling, and Shelby tube sampling
  • 35 piezometers were installed in the geotechnical borings totaling approximately 6,000 feet in length
  • Each piezometer was set with a flush mounted cover and a concrete pad stamped for identification
  • Approximately 400 Packer tests were performed
  • 12 of the borings were performed at a 20 degree incline
  • A total of approximately 4,500 feet of HQ-size rock was cored during the project
  • Quality of rock cores obtained required minimal to no preparation by the laboratories to perform designated testing
  • A total of approximately 5,500 feet of overburden was drilled and/or sampled

“Over the years, 7NT has provided extensive geotechnical drilling and engineering services consisting of hundreds of exploratory borings.  7NT’s engineering and drilling staff regularly accommodate very tight time frames required due to the magnitude of these projects.  7NT’s qualifications are outstanding”

Spencer Fairfax, P.G.

Black & Veatch Corporation