Project Description

Floyds Fork Interceptor Sewer Phase I

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) in Louisville, Kentucky has a Southeastern Sanitary Sewer Initiative. Although today’s sanitary service meets the current customer demand, the initiative will help protect the area for the increase in customers in the upcoming years. The initiative is also to protect the area’s waterways from negative environmental impacts and long-term maintenance issues that have been found at multiple pump stations and septic tanks. The initiative will create safer and cleaner waterways for continued recreational use and help local plants and wildlife.

The MSD Southeastern Sanitary Sewer Initiative includes the design and construction of an interceptor sewer line, which will provide sanitary infrastructure to Floyd’s Fork’s central and southeast portions of Jefferson Country. The interceptor is an 8.5-mile trunk sewer that will route wastewater from South Pipe Lick Regional Pump Station downstream to Billtown Road Regional Pump Station where it will be pumped to Cedar Creek Water Quality Treatment Center. MSD awarded HDR Engineering, Inc. the design and construction of the Floyds Fork Interceptor Sewer.

7NT Engineering was awarded the Geotechnical Exploration Services by HDR. 7NT completed forty-five (45) investigative soil borings and 675 rock soundings. The boings were drilled utilizing hollow-stem augers (HSA) powered by CME-550X ATV mounted, CME-55 track-mounted, Mobile B-57 track-mounted, and a Diedrich D-50 track-mounted drill rig. The borings were rock cored using an NQ3 drill bit. The soil and rock core samples were collected and tested at our geotechnical laboratory.

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January 2022-ongoing


HDR Engineering, Inc.