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7NT provides highly specialized, complex drilling, testing and inspection services. The following pages will demonstrate our experience and knowledge of this highly complex work.

Every civil construction project starts with a geotechnical investigation and every geotechnical investigation requires drilling to collect samples for testing. Highly complex projects, such as tunnels, require very precise and accurate sampling and data collection in order for the project to be cost efficient and successful.

7NT has highly qualified and experienced personnel to perform soil sampling, rock coring and packer testing. We OWN 8 drill rigs which are specially tooled and equipped for drilling and sampling to a depth of 450 feet below ground. 7NT is regularly invited by very large engineering and contracting firms to participate in projects which require complex drilling and instrumentation.

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7NT has a large number of qualified and certified inspection personnel to provide Quality Assurance Services during the construction phase on any project. Many of inspection personnel are certified for underground work and confined space entry as much of our work involves inspection and testing of tunnel projects during construction.

7NT also operates laboratories to perform all manner of SOIL and ROCK testing. 7NT Laboratories are certified by AASHTO and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

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7NT is a highly specialized geotechnical firm heavily involved in the design and construction of deep tunnels. These tunnels are used as massive storage facilities in the water and wastewater treatment industries as well as transportation conduits through mountains and under streams.

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In order to assist our largest client 7NT has formed a Utility Construction operation to perform manhole repair and replacement along with the patching, lining and repair of surrounding sewer lines. 7NT has multiple dedicated crews who specialize in this work along with specialized equipment, such as a Mr. Manhole system, to perform this work efficiently within tight schedules.

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