Engineering Services

7NT’s geotechnical engineers and project managers work closely with owners, architects, and design engineers to develop an appropriate investigation program for the proposed project. Always sensitive to the requirements of the project team, our recommendations are based upon the most economically practical foundation systems for the intended construction.

Scope of Services:

Subsurface Investigation

  • Site Reconnaissance
  • Geologic Investigation
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Sampling and Testing
  • Laboratory Investigations
  • Existing Pavement Evaluation

Earth Retaining Structure Design

  • Gravity Retaining Wall
  • Sheet-Pile Wall
  • Cantilever Retaining Wall
  • Counterfort Retaining Wall
  • Segmental Retaining Wall
  • Soil and Rock Nailing
  • Deep Mixing Method (DMM)

Ground Modification Techniques

  • Lime/Cement Stabilization
  • Dynamic Compaction
  • Geofabric/Geogrid
  • Dewatering
  • Micropile
  • Sand/Stone Columns/Geopier

Pavement Condition Index (PCI)

  • Structural Analysis
  • Material Evaluation
  • Subgrade Investigation
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Rehabilitation
  • Recommendation

Foundation Analysis and Design

  • Spread Footing
  • Mat Foundation
  • Pile and Group Pile
  • Drilled Shaft Caissons
  • Pile Drivability Analysis
  • Ground Modification Techniques
  • Lime/Cement Stabilization

New Pavement Design

  • Flexible Pavement
  • Rigid Pavement
  • Asphalt Reclamation

Excavation Stability Analysis

  • Temporary Shoring System

Settlement Analysis & Monitoring Program

Slope Stability Analysis

Soil Erosion Control

Featured Projects


“7NT has provided excellent service. Their testing reports have been accurate and timely. Their field personnel understand their responsibilities, perform their duties in a professional manner. The cooperation they have shown in meeting early morning and short notice testing demands and adjusting their schedule to accommodate frequent changes is greatly appreciated.”

Stephen W. Keiber, HDR

Notable Geotechnical Projects

Belmont North Relief Interceptor, Indianapolis, IN
Project Value: $94 million.
Reference: Donnie Ginn, Black & Veatch (317) 570-8331 and Mark Jacob, Citizens Energy Group (317) 924-3311

Castleton Relief Sewer, Indianapolis, IN
Project Value: $20 million.
Reference: Donnie Ginn, Black & Veatch (317) 570-8331

Derek R Guthrie Water Quality Treatment Center Rock Anchor Installation Project, Louisville, KY
Project Value: $80 million.
Reference: Kyle Guthrie, HDR (502) 909-3234

USACE Detroit/Chicago Geotechnical IDIQ Contract, IDIQ, OH/IN/MI/WI/IL/MN/KY
Project Value: $750,000.
Reference: Phil Ross, USACE (313) 226-4680

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