Project Description

Manhole Rehabilitation

Indianapolis, Indiana

Manholes are an important part in the proper functioning of the wastewater collection system. Most manholes were constructed with mortar and brick or stone, and have not been rehabilitated since their construction, even those built in the 1800s. Manholes are starting to get mortar joint cracking and leaks from normal wear and tear, water inflow and infiltration of roots and debris. Some of the manholes may also suffer from the effects of the freeze-thaw cycle, poor construction, and overuse from population expansion. Manhole Rehabilitation is to help resolve some of these issues, such as eliminating inflow and infiltration and improving structural integrity and corrosion protection.

7NT Engineering was awarded the Citizens Energy Group (CEG) Manhole Rehabilitation Project by CEG for the fiscal year of 2020 and 2021. This is an over two-million-dollar project under the Capital Program for Manhole Rehabilitation in Indianapolis, Indiana. For this project, 7NT has worked on rehabilitating over 440 manholes in the Indianapolis area and continues to work on the rehabilitation. 7NT was given thirteen assignments in 2020 and have currently been given three assignments in 2021.

For most of the Manhole Rehabilitation Assignments 7NT has; installed interior manhole lining, performed channel and bench reconstruction, chimney and riser reconstruction, installed grout seals, reset the manhole’s frame and cover, and have raised the manhole to grade. For some of the assignments 7NT has; installed interior manhole lining with corrosion protection, bypassed sewers, installed a new internal drop, performed adjacent concrete culvert restoration, have existing external drops plugged off, replaced structurally damaged barrel section with new, have jet sewer due to blockage, performed erosion control, installed weir and fillet to direct flow,  set a trench box, backfilled excavation with flowable fill, extended out sewer and storm lines to new manhole, installed lids, secured bolts, and adjusted rings and frames. For all the projects, 7NT provided all required maintenance of traffic and obtained all required permits for the work, clearing site, and site restoration.

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